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Monday, April 2

*Folly* on the Roof

Nada Gordon's new book from Roof Books,*Folly* was celebrated yesterday at the home of the publisher, James Sherry. Terrific performances were offered by Sharon Mesmer (who "roasted" Nada with Henny Youngman type witticisms), Mitch Highfill, Marianne Shaneen, Brenda IIjima, Gary Sullivan, Katie Degentesh and Nada herself joined in to read from the book, which features a knockout cover by Gary Sullivan, with assistance from Nada herself. The room was filled with huge smiles, delighted laughter, and palpable excitement about Nada's new book, some good food and, from what I could tell, some damn fine wine as well.

At one point, James Sherry and Nada read from a funny and fascinating "process" dialogue based on emails the two wrote to each other during the editing stage of the book. Toward the end of the party, James and Deborah reminisced that this was among one of the most terrific book parties ever given in the loft. I agreed, having attended events there to celebrate Roof and Segue books since the late seventies. Other Roof book writers in attendence were Charles Bernstein, Susan Bee, Abigail Child, Kim Rosenfield and Drew Gardner. Other luminaries present included Ann Tardos, KIm Lyons, Toni Simon, Deborah Thomas, Douglas Rorhschild, Bill Marsh and Octavia Butler, Michael Scharf and no doubt many others I have yet to meet!

This was a weekend of book parties (David Shapiro, Elaine Equi [see link to photo below], Nada Gordon) I will long remember. I have a lot of poetry to read, some new, and some I have long admired, that I will without doubt hugely enjoy.