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Saturday, March 31

Tony Scott dies

Toni and I are saddened today by the death this week of the great jazzman, Tony Scott who played his sax and clarinet on a number of classic Billy Holiday songs, creator of *Music for Zen Meditation* and many other great albums. He was Toni's namesake, having been discovered by Toni's father Bill Simon, who he roomed with in the early days of his career. He will be greatly missed. He lived in Rome in the latter part of his life, and is survived by his wife Cinzia, who lives in Rome, two daughters and a grandchild.

NY Times Obit for Tony Scott


Elaine Equi's reading at Cue last night was a joy. Check out the rave review for her book of new and selected poems *Ripple Effect* in the Sunday NY Times Book Review The Air is Full of Secrets


This is a week of poem dedications. Here is one Norman Fischer wrote a while back and sent to me today.

Writing out directions to the location
Is a monument accompanied by drums
Persuaded by the daily round to search for
Any hour to take seriously,
Mining the very thoughtfulness
Finally for something here to holler at – or on –
Of bills to be paid, the settled wonder of words
That are debts, in places, numbers on a page
Lit up and constantly fading or morphing
Into higher and lower figures, going after
The unsayable, going away in a huff –

Some other day there’s another way
In the middle, very exhausted, an assortment
Of pains for your delectation, comfort
Of being alive. Sauntering down Light Street
Or in the park conversing passionately
Is there anything determined under the sun?
A gathering of poets huddled on the pavement
Is a simulation of interested practice
A preservation of the evolving species
That has co-oped the absolute in sputterings
Of exalted speech

(for Nick Piombino)