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Sunday, March 25

Close Listening/PS 1 Readings and Interviews

Alan Davies (reading from his new chapbook), Ann Lauterbach, Richard Tuttle, Mimi Gross and many
others chat with Charles Bernstein and read online

I Can't Wait

to read, in their entirety, two books I just received and very pleasurably dipped into. Tom Beckett's *Unprotected Texts*
(Meritage Press, 2006) and Mark Young's *the allgrezza ficcione* (Otoliths,

Tom Beckett: "Poetry is relationships. That's my naked truth."

Mark Young: "There was also a book by Ptolemy, that seemed to be made up of footnotes to another work of his, a kind of growing self-doubt about his own beliefs, that finishes with a small poem:

Sun- the
Universe's true centre?"