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Thursday, June 9

Penn Sound

just added the reading we did recently on the My Vocabulary show
to their listings:

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Whmsey Speaks {click here}

in answer to Radical Druid's nine questions
thanks to Green Integer (Douglas Messerli)
for sending us three very exciting new books
they just published:

Charles Bernstein, *Shadowtime* libretto for the
"thought opera" about Walter Benjamin*

Douglas Messerli, editor: *The PIP Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century
Volume 5, Intersections: Innovative Poetry in
Southern California"; includes: Will Alexander, David Antin, Rae Armantrout,
Therese Bechand, Todd Baron, Guy Bennett, Franklin Bruno, Wanda Coleman,
Robert Crosson. Catherine Daly, MIchael Davidson, Leland Hickman,
Barbara Maloutas, Deborah Meadows, Douglas Messerli,
Harryette Mullen, Martin Nakell, Dennis Phillips, Christopher Reiner, Martha Ronk,
Joe Ross, Jerome Rothenberg, Mark Salerno, Standard Schaefer,
John Thomas, Paul Vangelisti, Pasqualle Verdicchio, Diane Ward

Paul Celan, *Lightduress* translated by Pierre Joris