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Sunday, June 5

Nada Gordon and Corinne Robins

gave excellent readings at the Ceres Gallery
on Thursday evening. If you weren't there you
didn't get to hear Corinne's poems about
artists, including a beautiful one about Joseph
Cornell. Nada read a terrific autobiographical
poem, in a mode of channeling Elizabeth Barrett
Browning, I think it was.

Also at the reading I got to meet
Burt Kimmelman, who is the editor of the recently (1/05) pubished Companion to 20th Century American Poetry {click here}, and who
has promised to send me a copy
of one of his own books of poetry.
The four volume compendium includes discussions
of the following poets:
Companion Poets, poems, topics, etc {click here}

Downfall {click here}

Thanks to Heathens in Heat {click here} for
posting this review of the
recent movie about Hitler,
a balanced review that rightly
takes issue with the inevitable
"humanizing" of the Nazis this
film indulges in.
Who cares? {click here}