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Wednesday, December 15

Verse (the print edition) celebrates its
20th Anniversary with an issue packed
with familiar writers and poets
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"Well it's awake/ before the take
Zeno gloried in/a whacked tack clacked
Doris humped a/fiddles in Fidelio/
Factors o'vagabond nestle coves

Warrant tormentor /flavor glaze
reaching for a talisman tackle
the leaders bunched fickle
whooee Lampman cracked

Wheedle/treadle/Wheatena knee
zing/slighted the estuary maze
read a particular intention in th'outage

from *Twenties* by Jackson Mac Low
(Roof, 1991)

This book is still available, and I can't recommend
it too highly. Mac Low's brilliance in working with
sound and meaning is made clear by this witty passage,