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Tuesday, December 14

*Not Yet*, published below, was also posted on the collaborative poetry blog
as/is {click here},
where it received some very much appreciated comments,
as well as a collaborative poem-response from Jordan Stempleman.
Please check it out!

Jordan Stempleman, who lives in Tucson, AZ, has opened a blog,
called Growing Nation {click here}.
Charles Alexander, publisher of Chax Press, makes a cameo
appearance in a saga of technical frustration worthy of
*Zen In The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance*...plus pieces on
Oppen and Robin Blaser.
Also, more recently, a memorial poem to Jackson Mac Low:
Growing Nation {click here}

Chax, by the way, happens to be the publisher of my recent chapbook, *Hegelian Honeymoon*
(scroll down sidebar for details).
Chax Press {click here}