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Wednesday, December 29

Ululations (Nada Gordon)
mourns the losses due to the tsunami.

When I got home tonight, Toni reminded me
of - and showed me- the print we have
had hanging for many years, *Behind the Waves, Off The Coast
of Kanagawa*, from *Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji Series*
by Hokusai. On the way home, very sadly reading about the
reported 68,000 dead; and the fears of coming disease threatening to
vastly increase the dimensions of this terrible disaster.

After Toni showed me the Hokusai print,
something told me to open *ululations* (above).
Extra Extra
{click here}
reporting on-site regarding the tsunami (and other things)
from Sri Lanka, is in the running for best blog in the country...

thanks to Twists and Turns {click here}
for the link...