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Thursday, December 30

Poetry In The Air

Spaceship Tumblers {click here}
Poetry readings online edited by Tony Tost. This first broadcast includes
Tony Tost, Laura Carter, Aaron McCollough, Marcus Slease, Zachary Schomberg,
Matthew Henrikson, Chris Vitiello, Ken Rumble, Adam Clay, Lane Phillips,
Brent Cunningham.

Brief audio posts on quick-load mp3's (you don't have to close
the window to play them). A real treat!

With fiction, occasionally you come across a
page turner (like Grant Bailie's *Cloud 8* discussed
here recently); and with poetry you sometrimes,
gratefully, come across a "word-turner". Such
is the case with this new piece
*Citation without source* from
(Alex Cumberbatch) {click here}