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Tuesday, November 9

This just in!

From Mexico to Bombay, today
*fait accompli* goes international...

We have the great pleasure
to announce that our essay
*Bush's Cult-ural Capital and the
Politics of Paranoia*
has been translated into Spanish
by Heriberto Yepez
and is now available on

archivo hache {click here}

¡Esto apenas adentro! Tenemos el gran
placer de anunciar que nuestro ensayo
*Capital cultural de Bush's y la política de la paranoia *
se ha traducido a español y está disponibles
ahora encendido

archivo hache {chasque aquí}

(the above announcement only- translated by
babel fish {click here})
here is a letter received today
from Heriberto Yepez
a poet and psychotherapist
living and working
in Tijuana, Mexico


I translated one of your blog posts on my Spanish blog.{*Bush's Cul-tural Captial and the Politics of Paranoia*}

I think you are completely right. We are talking here of the need for a psychotherapeutical cultural poetics. I think I am going to write something on the subject, taking your blog as a reference, because I think this is one of the issues involved in our community: to address something which is obvious: emotional health, disturbances in it, are igniting imperialism and mass self-deception, and as intelllectual/language communities we need to address that...

cultural psychotherapy as part of critical theory. a difficult issue, but one that needs to be dealt with... the US is going 'mad', and Mexico is going the same way... more slowly but certainly we share this loony route...

anyway, thank you for your insights