Distribution Automatique

Thursday, November 11

Things resist manipulation and usually
respond better to a frank and solid grasp.

notebook: 9/12/88
published in: *The Boundary of Blur*
"NATASHA: Well, nearly every day there are words which
disappear because they are no longer allowed. In their place, one
must put new words to correspond to the new ideas. And you
know. . . in the last few months...some. . . words have disappeared
that I liked very much.
INSERT: *Let Alpha 60 destroy itself*
LEMMY: Which words?. . . I'm interested...
NATASHA: Robin redbreast. . . to weep. . .
INSERT: *Save all those able to cry*
NATASHA: Autumn light. . .
INSERT: *Tenderness*
NATASHA: Tenderness, also..."

from *Alphaville: a film by Jean-Luc Godard*