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Tuesday, October 12

When In Doubt, Read Porchia

"The fear of separation is all that unites."

"No one understands that you have given everything.
You must give more."

"The condemnation of an error is another error."

Antoniio Porchia
translated by WS Merwin
(Biig Table, 1969)

This Just In!

Faux press e books {click here} coming on Strong with exciting new work from Christina (Strong)
and Joe Elliot.

(an extremely nice person who I love to tease by saying
"first we had George Elliot, and then we had TS Eliot
and now we have Joe Elliot"
Who, but the sweetest person, would
put up with such nonsense? But Joe
just smiles tolerantly and takes it.

Do check out this
stuff, It looks great. And Christina!
I am a major fan)
Don't know why I feel compelled to mention
that lately I've been listening constantly to
Brahms 2cd Piano concerto as played by
Leon Fleisher, and Brahms Piano Pieces,
Op 76, Two Rhapsodies OP. 79 and Fantasies,
Op. 118 as played by Idil Biret. Both can be
purchased "for a song" at Tower (the latter
on Naxos and the former on Sony Masterworks
Heritage). Gorgeous!