Distribution Automatique

Friday, September 3

Notes at the Ed Ruscha show at the Whitney:

First thoughts: language as a sound form
a the same time (simultaneously)
a material, visual (visualizable) form
gas stations (1962)-time travel
Work (1992)
*Waves of Technology*

Innumerable subtle references
to film and filmaking
Due to the preponderance of technology
alll forms of arf (at least indirectly) refer to all forms of media
{thought of my- "Distrlbution automatique and *Le Reve* collages (Poetry Plastique show-
see Electronic Poetry Center pdf of the catalogue
includes an an image of my *Le Reve*)
individual words as "film clips"
(literally- drawings of words
clipped and three dimensionally
standing on their edges)
25 versions of *The End*
at the end of the show
Ed Ruscha
at the Hirschorn {click here}

reference- Dick Higgens, *Intermedia*
essay-manifesto 1966
(fading of the idea of the "specific" genre standing
Dick Higgins Intermedia Essay (1966){click here}