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Sunday, September 5

"In which all dreams founder . In
which an image explodes on the tundra.
In which dialogues are primitives. In
which the indestructible
invisible. In which Aristotelian
hash. In which art imitates
government. In which sex is
proprietary. In which Big Buddha
is watching you. In which we put the self-
evident truths on hold. In which
duplication. In which you in the name
of suffering. In which I garnish your
celery. In which twigs. In which
medicine, status. In which we are
enjoying an emergency. In which hardly
a man is now absurd. In which black
September. In which a sixth sense
stamp. In which ten dollars will
break you. In which butterflies *in
toto.* In which no man's land is
an island. In which tradition is what
they put together yesterday. In which
wall-to-wall Montparnasse. In which
old left shoes. In which elitist scribes.
In which wave actions off Okinawa. In
which mad foolscap. In which all this
is solitary melts into air. In which
apostasy & apogee. In which the map
of genesis. In which corn stalks. In which
detumescent bulbs. In which caricature
meets parody. In which hermetic
seals. In which decentralization, talking
turtles. In which chills, cells. In which the
score is left for the newspaper. In which
3 balls for a nickel watch the milk crates
fall. In which post-time. In which gasoline.
In which hierarchy on every level. In
actress makes perfect. In which reflections.
In which Czechs and Balinese. In which
a street instead of a testament. In
which multiples of unions. In which goods,
news, shambles, In which the fetishistic
tools of the intuitionist. In which the small
coin of concrete questions. In which sum
pelicans. In which blue Dahlias. In which
the invention of sound. In which Yule,
Bryn Mawr. In which structuralism, tic-
tock-toe. In which vaginal *detente*.
In which Te Deum. In which rig & wig
genitalia. In which bazooka music. In
which catharsis in residence. In
which closets, TV. In which just
positions. In which a liaison officer.
In which the collective & the many.
In which LIttle Egypt, agitprop. In
which a rhythm & blues brass band.
In which epiphanies for the old guy.
In which *ibid*, 2 spoons. In which
goods and value. In which the grapes
of Ra. In which the road to riches, the
march of dimes. In which any serenade.
In which El Deco."

Frank Kuenstler
*In Which*
(from section 12)
Cairn Editions, 1994
116 pages
This just in with work by and an
interview with Robert Creeley:
MiPoesias New England Edition {click here}
An earlier edition (April), edited by
David Trinidad contains work by and
an interview with Elaine Equi and work
by Jerome Sala
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Two upcoming conferences
"Secular Jewish Culture / Radical Poetic Practice"
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2004 -- 7pm; $10 admission
Center for Jewish History
15 West 16th Street, Manhattan
a public forum with Paul Auster, Charles Bernstein (chair), Kathryn Hellerstein,
Stephen Paul Miller, Marjorie Perloff, Jerome Rothenberg
Tickets available from www.ticketweb.com or the Box office: 917-606-8200. More information www.cjh.org .
What are the innovations and inventions of American Jewish poets, over the past century? Can we say that there is distinctly Jewish component to radical modernist and contemporary poetry? What is the relation of Jewish modernist and contemporary poets to the historical avant-garde and to contemporary innovative poetry? How does Jewish cultural life and ethnic and religious forms and traditions manifest themselves in the forms, styles, and approaches to radical American poetry? What role does a distinctly secular approach to Jewishness by poets and other Jewish artists mean for "radical Jewish culture"?

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The Louis Zukofsky Centennial Conference
Columbia University & Barnard College
Friday, Sept. 17 to Sunday, Sept. 19, 2004
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