Distribution Automatique

Friday, September 10

I am delighted to announce that
Eratio/Fall 2004 {click here}
edited by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
is now online including three pages from my photocollage novel
Free Fall {click here}
( or click on the horizontal diacritical mark above the E in Eratio)
as well as verbal/visual work by
Catherine Daly, William Compton and
Mark Young with Jukka Pekka-Kervinen (click on the other
diacritical marks)
Click on each letter and diacritical mark to view all the
work and for epigraphs and more information about the

the issue includes writing by

Jack Foley 
Amari Hamadene 
Jake Berry 
Aamir Aziz 
Paul Hardacre 
Jonathan Minton 
Thomas Lowe Taylor 
Hazak Brozgold 
Laurie Price 
AnnMarie Eldon 
Eli Jones 
Danielle Grilli 
Sandra Simonds 
Elizabeth Kate Switaj 
Marcia Arrieta 
  Anne Boyer  
  Stan Mir 
  Dee Rimbaud
  Jeff Harrison
  Ian Randall Wilson
  Skip Fox 
  Jesse Glass
  Hugh Tribbey
  Robert Furze
  Brian Howe
  Scott Keeney
  Michael Estabrook
  Nick E. Melville
  Clayton A. Couch
  Steve Timm