Distribution Automatique

Thursday, August 5

This just in from
David Nemeth: Nemski.com {click here}
ALex Cumberbatch
exzentrick libretti {click here}
is back online.
Coming soon on
homophonic translation
experiments a la
Charles Bernstein
August may be the hottest month:
Mark Lamoureux on
Verse {click here}
Saying goodbye to Catier-Bresson, aged 95,
Boynton {click here}
By the way, at Patrick 'Durgin''s
Berkeley goodbye barbecue
last week, David Larsen told
me he has a book due soon from
Jack Kimball's Faux Press {click here}
which published
Nada Gordon's gorgeous

"poetry...I too
my head...won't go into it.
The movement is bird. Sure, all's dire,
but look! What comes out! Dark as grapes,
but sounding, hot-hot-persisting in wanting
to be wanted."