Distribution Automatique

Monday, August 2

A bit of silence here on *fait accompli*
due to computer problems in the house
we are staying in here in the Berkeley hills.
Tried twice to write about a visit to
Serendipity, the amazing bookstore on
University near Chestnut. The owner
and I chatted a bit, then the next
day at a goodbye party for Patrick
Durgin and Andrea (hurray! Patrick
completed his dissertation and defends
it in August) who are moving back
to Minnesota. At their party at the
Berkeley Rose garden, Laura Moriarty
told me (first, that she is completing
a science fiction novel!Wow! can't wait
to see this) but second, that Peter B. Howard,
Serendipity's owner, was one of the
founders of SPD. At the store I found
an amazing collection, tøtally amazing
collection of literary books,including
a cache of books by David Bromige, and
naturally I purchased a number of these.
OK, I also bought an early edition of
Wallace Stevens, which was expensive,
but I could do it because Steve Clay
in New York recently sold some of
my books when we moved to Brooklyn.
More stuff to do today on our next
to last day in Berkeley, so must sign
off now. Don't even have time right
now to get the update on the Cambridge
Poetry Massacre.

More soon!