Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, August 17

Her hair I said quiet, rip, tide, hearth grid
Green, greenest, time
Wet, hill, lean, learn, yearn
Barn, thistle, lark

Vehicular breath
Mid-western composure
Side bark sign play
Beaming fast- now a slow full
Storm chat (or, moments between, wtihin compare
Light so shrill, the air
Vehement wind, nestles in)

Atom, appetite, grin
Neighborly bore shoulders by
Smiles- this thrill
Unites, all who call,
Spills, thump

A bump, normally nothing, kills
Largesse, triumph, space
Darkness, pious, bridge (siege)

Riotous nocturne semblance of yon
Your yore is Latin, late bloomers
Suffice to puff

Premium premisses, clickety, clackety
Promises, promises, yackety, yackety

[Notebook (untitled poem): 1/12/86]