Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, July 27

Well Nourished Moon (Stephanie Young) {click here} continues publishing complete texts from the New Brutalism Cabaret at 21 Grand on Sunday July 18.

Today's offering:
The text of Myrtle Poe by
K. Silem Mohammad,(wonderfully)
performed last
Sunday at the New Brutalism
Cabaret by Patrick Durgin and Jen Hofer
Though Bill Allegrezza has once again let those
bunnies out for a long overdue walk on
p- ramblings {click here}
that interesting discussion on blogging and publishing
continues with comments from Jordan Davis, Joe in London,
Tim Peterson, Bill A and others-now up to comment #22!
Wd love to know what YOU think...
Gary at home, taking care of Nada with
the flu, goes through tons of comics,
dvd's, books and poems, and takes the
trouble to tell us all about them. Wow!
click here:Elsewhere (Gary Sullivan)