Distribution Automatique

Friday, July 30


...the tiniest spray of meaning starts to
cover the day as canvas. The surface
(=the day) is scanned again and again.
This is also a pleasure, watching for
those specks which (what did you expect,
doesn't meaning go away and come back, permanently?)
flicker, then hide.

OK, then, perpective is everything. It
dominates everything we think about or
do. Again and again, scanning, spotting
and refocusing. It doesn't matter that it
repeats itself incessantly, like cries. The
important thing is to come back to the fact
that what is covered is a complete segment
of one horizon.

This time, for example, there is a flock of
four birds going by, in patterned formation.

Anyway, meaning is one such speck, forever
dissolving and appearing again. The amount
of focus determines meaning's visual spray.

Thursday: Moss Beach produces not only
an immersed, dark sprial jetty of rocky reef
(thoughts of Smithson's here)
but spiral energies everywhere, swirls
of amemones, snail shells, holy rocks,
a grand, primordial, unchanging spiral
dance of birth and change, dawn and night.
And not far away, Half Moon Bay
and Pescadero.