Distribution Automatique

Monday, July 12


Without the employment of intensified focus, alternated with
a fully accepted loss of focus, nothing.

The "willing suspension of disbelief."


An equivalence, an attainment of balance between
the willingness to listen and the willingness
to speak; part and parcel of the greatest


Cite meter, sight meter, site meter


Silenced by being unresponded to;
silenced by being echoed in a
resounding voice.

The meaninglessness of'


Silenced by sarcasm.
Silenced by silence.


Silenced by indifference,
ridicule, deliberate
exclusion, prejudice,
gossip, group
formation, elitism,
Big Brotherism,
poverty, intimidation,

Silenced by
Disenfranchisement {click here}

Silenced by
Martial law {click here}

Silenced by Critical indifference {click here}

Silenced by political manipulation {click here}

Silenced by the deafening roar of the
noise of bombing, war, shooting,
news reports, misinformation, disinformation,
fighting, arguing, moral indictment,
advertising, celebrity mongering,
hectoring, violent physical intrusion.

Silenced by exhaustion, physical
and psychological illness,
fear of death and death.

Silenced by lack of response,
silenced by being ranked
and sidelined.


Silenced by the economics,
the driving insistence,
the gender conflicts
of sexuality.

Slenced by discrimination.

Silenced by one-upsmanship,
exclusion by means of
critical categorization,
moral sanctions
Silenced by starvation,
physical or

Silenced by confusion,
inarticulateness, lack
of vocabulary,language
skills, numbness,

Silenced by lack of
social skills, sense of
irony and humor.

Silenced by address unknown,
nonlisted number, code 404
blog not found.

Silenced by "lack of
sufficient funds", "we
are sending this bill
to our credit department",
"account closed."
Silenced by, "please
leave a message,"
"your call is valuable
to us please stay
on the line."
Silenced by "line
forms here", by
"sold out", by "bus out
of service"
"last stop."
Silenced by
"how are you?",
"happy birthday"
"what's new?"
"what's happening"
""I'm so jealous!"
""Guess what?"
Silenced by
you can do I can
do better,
Silenced by
Silenced by
the short list
Silenced by
"no refunds"
Silenced by
"toilet only
for customers"
Silenced by