Distribution Automatique

Sunday, April 25

The patient who kept searching for her children
in the street.

"Why does she need to be hospitalized?" the
policeman asked the psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist
explained to the cop that when he told her
her children had been found
and were receiving care she answered:
"Not the facsimiles. I have to find them too."

"I guess you're right," the officer said.
"She does need the hospital."


Of all the possible time travel destinations,
the present is by far the most exacting
one to access. It takes a great deal
of patience to attend to the many details
and tasks the present presents us with,
when we pay close attention to it,
more or less insistently.

The past and the future may be browsed,
likes books on a bookshelf. The present
quickly insists on action- interaction-
on construction, even; e.g., Toni's
maxim, don't fret, file.