Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 13

Notebook: circa, 1983

Beginning Outline for the Experiential Base in Modern Art

1. My intention is to show that art as a mirror of
existence is not narcissistic but a necessary complement to
self-realization (?)

2. That psychoanalysis is a form of drama that has life and
death consequences- as theatre traditionally existed in
antiquity- i.e. the Roman circus, the Greek tragedy

3. That psychoanalysis as drama is the only viable alternative
to war- that the traditional forms of drama can no longer
seriously supply this need-meaning, that

4. 3 is so because as several hundred years of journalism
has proven- the revelation of social fact turns us repetitively
back on the basic philosophical, moral and conceptual conflicts
between individuals

5. The goal of art as release of *energy* is assumed here-
the most significant discovery of Freud in human libido-
the evidential experience of genius proves that libido is
virtually inexhaustible- Wilhelm Reich's advancement of the
"orgone" is simply a "s-f" metaphor for the fact that the
sum total of libido is the actual energy of human society

6. That art is a method for releasing libido- that
psychoanalysis is the most precise & succcessful method
releasing libido