Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, March 10

Charles Borkhuis' two terrific radio plays,
*The Sound of Fear Clapping* (produced
on WNYC in 1995) and *Foreign Bodies*
(produced on WBGO-Exit 3 productions, in
2001) are now available on a CD, produced
for National Public Radio by Sarah Montague
under the tltle *Black Light*.

*The Sound of Fear Clapping* is also
available as a chapbook, published by
*Obscure Publications* in 2003.

"FAT MAN: Yes, well as fate would have it,
we happen to be looking for a nobody
just like you. We've always got our eye out
for certain drifters and malcontents. People
who have erased their identities and backgrounds
somewhere along the line. Peoole who are on
their way to becoming...blank slates. So you see,
you're perfect for the part."