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Saturday, March 20

Enjoying the discussion of Drew Gardner's
post re: "nonevents" on
A New Broom {click here}
and elsewhere, I remembered that my poem
The Simple Poetry of Sleep {click here}
concerns this interesting issue in poetics.
A nose is a nose is a nose
right now on
Dagzine {click here}
Up to my aching elbows in packing boxes
(one week to moving)
I had to miss what may have been the
greatest poetry event of the season,
Douglas Rothschild's Poetry Game Show
at the BPC. I hope someone,
A Laurable Log (Laura Willey)

Bloggedy Blog Blog (Katie Degentesh)

Elsewhere (Gary Sullivan)

Equanimity (Jordan Davis)

fluss (John Most)

Free Space Comix (Brian Kim Stefans)

Froth ... Marianne Shaneen

Jim Behrle's Famous Monkey

Overlap (Drew Gardner)

ululations (Nada Gordon)

will be kind enough to blog it
Thanks to Jack Kimball {click here}
for the discussion of my chapbook *Two Essays* (Leave Books).
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