Distribution Automatique

Friday, March 19

The Avenging Monkey hath emailed me the following.


Please TiVo the Simpsons to appear at the Zinc Bar to hear Jimmy the Poet
and whatever wonders may occur.

from "New Poem"

an unthinkable grid throbs on thru the nite

if spunk could cross-pollinate

this is how I self-thwart dear Gabriella

the future history of the Earth is not for us

TiVo The Simpsons and head with me to

neighborhoods thirsty while yes underwater

to connect with other like-minded playmates

let air fresheners flow and turn up the Watergate tapes

an explosion that seemed quite intense

hey, pass me that fruit you invented

tucked up your shirt like a shoplifter

SUN 3/28/04 7 PM
with Jen Benka
Zinc Bar TRS
90 West Houston Street
corner of La Guardia Place
New York City, NY
hosted by: Brendan Lorber

Jim Behrle
Events Director
WordsWorth Books
30 Brattle St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 354 5201
fax (617) 354 4674