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Tuesday, January 27

The *Poetry Project Newsletter* for February/March is out
and contains a rave review written by poet Joe Elliot for
Charles Borkhuis' new book *Savoir-Fear* published by
Meeting Eyes Bindery (Spuyten Duyvil). Here's a taste from
"Bad Infinity", the closing poem in the book:

"god is not dead I thought
he's just another resurrected sign
on the simulation circuit
like the rest of history

wry sewage overflowed
from a half-forgotten dream
big world breakdown I am coming
from the land of detritus interruptus
to your perfectly contained club med shore
eyes permanently slit
and a rusty razor between my teeth
icy repetition hemorrhaging cartoon nights
bloody thunder talk to me"

In the review, by the way, Joe Elliot takes a swipe at the harshest "nice
guys finish last" poet of all time, Bruce Andrews: "Bruce Andrews's
work, for example, is justified insofar as it is funny. All those
nasty consonsants and juxtapositions are hilarious and freeing and train
the ear not to accept the less freeing. However, how far forward they move
the cause of social justice is incidental..."

To get a taste of this terrific book, and meet and talk with
its author, why not go to his reading with blogger Katie
Degentesh at the Poetry Project on
Wednesday, February 18th at 8 pm? We all know
how funny and terrific her writing is. What a combo!

For $18 bucks you can attend the reading ($8) and buy the
book ($10) and probably get it signed, knowing how kind a
person Charles is. And if you haven't yet had the pleasure,
hear and meet Katie Degentesh, one of the wittiest and most
popular bloggers we have and find out exactly what the fuss is all

Besides, the Poetry Project could use the money. They lost
their NEA grant this year.

The Poetry Project is located at St Mark's Church in-the-Bowery
131 East 10th Street, New York City 10003
Lets hear it for Anselm Berrigan for keeping this grand poetry institution alive,
exciting and significant for contemporary poetry.