Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, January 28

Once again, Never Neutral (Ernesto Priego) {click here},
hits the (blog) spot, focusing now on the
causes of "the resistance to theory," in a piece titled
Wittgenstein as blogger... right now on Mikarrhea (Michaela Cooper) {click here}
Awesome! Cup Of Chicha {click here} comes through with links to info on David Markson
and a new link for *Solipsistic* in the same posting!
Divide and conquer...Antonio Savoridan {click here}
opens a new blog for his poems Respite and Nepenthe {click here}
Mirror mirror on the wall...by the light of the silvery
Moonshine Highways (Amy Bernier) {click here}
Transubspamtiation on ululations (Nada Gordon) {click here}

Thanks to Josh Cory for letting
his students roam free in blogland,
including *fait accompli*,
and to Jonathan Mayhew for
introducing some of my writing
to his *theory* class.