Distribution Automatique

Monday, October 6


Seeing what has already been seen, the
"story" proceeds by twists and turns which,
on close inspection, do not connect. So much
so that an interval, when measured
closely, consists of varied units of time, different
types of time which can only be quantified in
comparatively gross terms.

There is an aspect of experience
which transcends what we know to be our
own identities. Identity is a construct which
we build as a topmost layer to fend off
the destructive potential of the
actuality. If the
identity is capable of mediating between
the exterior reality and the innermost
sensors of experience then this inmost
sensor is all the more enabled to function
smoothly despite the corrosive potential of the

In this sense, the social construct of
time itself is dependent on the deepest
and longest lasting collaborative venture.
[this paragraph deleted in the notebook]

Time is a human construct. To grasp
its deepest meaning experientially is one
of the highest challenges of being. Einstein's...
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