Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, October 8



we found that not to be violent
was to be violent by moving the margins
that the assumption of an assumption
is an assumption pipedream of construction
pardon monsieur if I take your ticket
this way to the library of assurances
this way to letters things absence of
wonder at trees the configuration gets
cloudy the t achieves thought by shapes
rising from flesh for instance relax you must
remain unafraid of a negative image you will
take it & again song will assert itself you will
be lying awake aware of thinking gentle abstract
thoughts it will disturb you tumble your coffee
exactly as it was supposed to & take you over

night after night have i lain awake thinking
impossible impossilbe the t chart may be a
catalogue of negativities & my translator is
asleep i nudge him carefully and say teeth
teeth casually as if i don't mean it i always thought
i use to think i used to pretend to pretend yet all
that time i was imagining pretending
i got along that way for awhile imagining pretending
when it tapped me & said no images i really wasn't
afraid of that nor was i afraid of imagining imagining
same old abstractions i thought i think same old
consciousness ame old lined paper
this is the difference between a diary & dreams
it wishes to make friends but pretending imagining
pretending i was much too careful i was sure
it could rip me off so i rambled into a terrific boring
dance a heroic time long ago here in which i am
visited by the great spirit of opening my mouth
without words i can't refuse to say it so i crumble
it into a ball & heave it through a hole in the world
of my mouth same impersonal problems of the
personal same refractions magic & disapproval
ahead of memory it resembles the future & causes
a slip to be made in the cause of modern indifference