Distribution Automatique

Saturday, September 27


The implications of "synthesized voice"
go back to the earliest invention of machines
for translating thought through a mechanical
voice. Such a voice impersonalizes the voice,
ennabling it to be identifieded by the hearers as
a recognizable and conceivable series of
meanderings, rather than strictly "meaningful"
expressions of thought.


Language suggests; experience determines.
Be carefull when comparing "suggesting"
negatively to "determining." The "determination"
(the outcome) is constantly "undermined"
(un-determined) by the "suggesting." Isn't it
just that one is a "fast" process (determination)
and the other is "slow" process (suggestion).
There is no hierarchy to this that is invariant.
Slow and steady wins the race but we often
want a quick outcome- possibly to
gratify our faith in our predictive powers.