Distribution Automatique

Thursday, July 24

Thanks for the warm welcome, James. No doubt we will be meeting soon. I hope to earn the right to call myself an Old Brutalist!

Jean, Toni and I were duly warned and brought lots of warm clothes and we think the fog rollin' in the morning is quite atmospheric! The house we are in has a fireplace which we haven't used yet, but we plan to. So glad you can come on August 10th for my reading with Patrick at 21 Grand. But I don't think I can wait until the 10th to meet you, so we may come to Santa Cruz before then! The owner of the house we are renting couldn't find enough nice words to say about Santa Cruz- mostly that it is warm there now and that there are beautiful beaches. Soon we will have car so don't be suprised if we track you down and visit you!

I'm meeting Stephanie today! Wow!!! (SY exclamation points.) This may be the most planned and blogged meeting in history!

Bill Marsh posted the itinerary of his visit here today. He'll be at the postcard reading at the Oxygen Bar on the 3rd.

Stephen Vincent sent me the most amazing dream anybody has ever had with me in it that I know of. If he says it is ok, I may post it here. If he gives his permission, free copies of my early book "Poems" (Sun and Moon,1988) may be made available to anyone that can help me to understand it.

If I've neglected or forgotten anyone who I know who lives in the Bay Area who is for any reason offended please tell me. Ye olde memory function ain't what it used to be but I still love them, I am quite sure of that! Let me know, please, ok? I want to hear from you.