Distribution Automatique

Saturday, July 26

Friday, July 27th, Mama Buzz Cafe: Cynthia Sailers, James Meetze, Geoffrey Dyer, Eli Drabman, Michael Cross, Trevor Calvert, Tanya Brolaski & Julia Bloch in a benefit reading for the book INVOLUNTARY VISION:after Akira Kurosawa's Dreams, to be published by Avenue B.

If you couldn't make this terrific reading, get the book when it comes out this Fall. You might as well. You're going to be hearing a lot about the New Brutalists. Every now and then, a group of people start to inspire each other, enabling the spirit of poetry to be rekindled. Doesn't this usually happen first in the Bay Area? It seems that Michael Cross is on his way to the Suny/ Buffalo poetics program-just in time!

James Meetze: "Where are the men who do not explode?"

Tanya Brolaski: "just when you think a girl is buried with a stake in her heart there comes a clearing"