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Friday, March 21

To discuss the more revolting aspects of the Buffalo poetics list here in Blogland is pointless, it's like reminding someone about their headaches or insomnia, as in, "How's (whatever it is) that makes you miserable lately?" Valery once wrote: "Please oh please don't ask me. Who wants to be reminded of what one is thinking about all the time?" I enjoy the list the way one might enjoy a friend who wants to have something to say but who either always says bitter or sarcastic, mean things or who utters intelligent remarks in an unintelligible way. I can't post the maxims I was responding to in posting the following this morning on the list - essentially, they are the exact opposite to what I say below- you can check these out there if you are interested- or on the EPC poetics archive if you don't presently subscribe. To your left for the links, please.

In any case, here are the aphorisms I posted early today:

In light of an illegal attack upon a devastated country that has already lost 750, 000 children due to an ongoing embargo and a previous merciless attack upon this country in 1991 I would like to muse on my situation as an artist who has other roles and responsibilities and concerns as well.

War is not only obviously bad, but it is also banal.

This is not a war, and it is possible to end the pointless slaughter.

Artists can avoid responding to war, but there is little point in remaining helpless, passive, and silent about these atrocities.

Even better, It is possible to avoid introspection, but since there is little point in trying to deny one's thoughts, it is best to try to reflect on them as if to say "oh god, that's who we've really become by sticking our heads in the sand."

If you believe in art and in your personal art, you might try to inspire others and reinterpret the facts and the actual situation to everyone who has been misinformed and hypnotized by the omnipresent corporate owned, manipulated media.

War will horrify you and will deluge your reservoir of artistic source material with images of misery, futility, hopelessness and pain before, during and after the event.

Get in touch with your feelings and share them with anyone who will listen; as a result you will feel energized instead of depressed, bitter and cynical.

With immense sadness, and hope,

Nick- "We must love one another or die"-Piombino