Distribution Automatique

Monday, March 17

Sun coming through the window. 62 degrees outside. Chopin on the radio. Somebody walking by whistling "Mack the Knife." Candlelight vigil last night against the war on 92cd Street and Amsterdam- everyone singing all the best anti-war hits of all time-though some disagreement on whether to sing "Masters of War." One of my list pieces(Slam Poetics, or, Who is Bill Kennedy?) published by Bob Holman and Margery Snyder on their column on About. com with loads of great links. Three new links to put on my sidebar. Blogland as provocative, engaging and and absorbing as ever.

Can't smile.


Saw a headline.

Weapons inspectors kicked out of Iraq.

Bloodthristy military-industrial complex in ecstacy.

Stockmarket soaring.