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Sunday, July 4

Video: Stop Gambling on Hunger

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Amiri Baraka interview-- Argotist Online

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Don Share on Ron silliman on W. S. Merwin as Poet Laureate Squandermania

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Poets and Artists Summer 2010 (Didi Menendez, ed)

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Argotist Online E-Books

The two latest ebooks for Argotist Online are by Alan Sondheim and Jeff Harrison. Here is the entire backlist of free ebooks from publisher Jeffrey Side:Argotist Ebooks

The new ebook from Argotist Ebooks is “Stories Short and Strange” by Bill Drennan.


“Stories Short and Strange” is the first volume of a unique collection by Bill Drennan. These tales are typically laced with blends of absurdist science fiction, satire, childish cartoonism and black space humour.

Available as a free ebook here:

Stories Short and Strange

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The latest issue of Wig edited by Kristen Gallagher and Tim Shaner just arrived. This issue features watercolors by Steve Benson and writing from Laynie Browne, Del Ray Cross, Thom Donovan, Patrick Durgin, William Fuller, Kristen Gallagher, Judith Goldman, Brandon Holmquist, Rodney Koeneke, Richard Kostelanetz, Bill Marsh, Tim Shaner and Carol Szymanski. $10 to Tim Shaner at 130 E. 49th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97405 gets you 95 pages of exciting new art, poetry and commentary.

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The latest issue of Provincetown Arr Magazine features a cover, interview with Charles Bernstein and an article/essay about artist Mira Schor

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