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Saturday, July 25


The stairways go higher between some of the floors, that's all. And every now and then, you've got to take a break from all that climbing.

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What do I feel, what could it mean, what do I think, what do I do

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Contradicta are being developed/posted on twitter now

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"Why is writing important? Mainly, out of egotism, I suppose. Because I want to be that persona, a writer, and because there is something I must say. Yet why not that, too? With a little ego building- such as the fait accompli this journal provides- I shall win through to the confidence that I (I) have something to say, that should be said."

Susan Sontag,12/31/57, from Reborn, Journals & Notebooks, 1947-1963

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William Shatner reads Sara Palin's farewell speech as a Beat nature poem

Via Al Filreis on Twitter

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Richard Baker

Toni and I visited Richard, Liz and their two daughters yesterday in Wellfleet. I've never met anyone more excited about hunting for great used books than Richard. And not only is he looking for great books, but he's looking for subjects for his portraits as well.

Check out some of Richard's book portraits here::poets and writers http://www.pw.org/content/richard_baker039s_book_portraits

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This just gets it

Leonard Cohen on poetry and life