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Monday, January 28

Notebook, 1/27/08


Awareness, whether of past, present or future experience appears as a shimmering. Things maintain solidity but even our awareness of our own bodies sustains this ghostly, discontinuous quality. Everything in time plays hide and seek with us. Perhaps if we could be sure of a purpose for existence the accumulation of a myriad of moments might assume some permanent outline or shape. But without certainty of proven purpose, comprehension of material manifestation must remain sporadic. The perpetuation of this fleeting significance of experience constantly returns us to various shadings of desire or despair. In order to reconceive these aporia as graspable entities we are led to evolve forms of metaphysical measure. But even our senses of success in such strivings remain occasional and tentative. Life is a voyage whose ports offer countless discoveries but whose goals remain elusive.

This just in from Mark Young

Otoliths 8

New Interview Issue from Mipoesias includes an interview with Gary Sullian by Rodney Koeneke