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Saturday, July 7

Vengua's Velvet Voyage

Jean Vengua's excellent new book of poetry will include our blurb on its cover. Check it out on her blog


Two Art Shows in Provincetown we visited last night were

Moby Dick, the chapters, Timothy Woodman, which continues at the Albert Merola Gallery, 124 Commercial Street, until July 19. Philip Hoare's new book about Melville *Leviathan* will be published in 2008. Timothy Woodman created the cover which is composed of coloful painted panels, each with a symbol for a chapter from the book.

Our friend Elizabeth Fodaski was there with her children and her husband, the artist Richard Baker. Liz told us she recently completed her MFA, studying with Elaine Equi and David Lehman. Liz is the author of fracas.


the Provincetown Art Associationwhich now features an ambitious full retrospective of work by the late artist Jim Hansen.

We were invited to these shows by Mira Schor, who, with Susan Bee, edited M/E/A/N/I/N/G which is now available online at M/E/A/N/I/N/G

Close Listening

edited by Charles Bernstein was published in 1988. Google has placed the entire book online. One of the essays, mostly about found poetry, is our The Aural Ellipsis and the Nature of Listening in Contemporary Poetry. You can read it here:
Close Listening