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Wednesday, July 11

Ray Davis Receives The Thinking Blogger Award

I've been thinking about the Thinking Blogger award. Having received this distinction the other day from Michael Lally, I've decided to pass it on to Ray Davis for his pseudopodium which recently reached its eighth birthday.


from a Letter from Debussy to Robert Godet, 18 December 1911

"Talking of organization, I haven't managed so far to find what I want for my two Poe stories...They smell of the lamp and you can see the 'seams.' The longer I go on, the more I detest the sort of intentional disorder whose aim is merely to deceive the ear. The same goes for bizarre, intriguing harmonies which are no more than parlour-games...How much has first to be discovered, then supressed, before one can reach the naked flesh of emotion...pure instinct ought to warn us, anyway, that textures and colours are no more than illusory disguises."


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(It is rumored that Tom Beckett will soon receive a Thinking Blogger Award).