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Friday, June 1


Every moment offers its part of a nimble, affectionate melody that counters contentious disharmony.


But once in a while play a strong, harsh chord to discourage the bullies.

Dreamers of the World, Unite


Ray Davis has some kind words to say about *fait accompli*, blog and book.

Ray: gather ye damn rosebuds, put together a book and get it published!



by James Sherry

She'll be comin' round the mountain when the shell sometimes is empty
She'll be comin' sometimes and the shell is an evasion,
when she comes round the mountain
to put in an appearnce
and this is the introduction we're all trying' to come 'round to.

She'll be drivin' six white and well-bred young mares,
She''ll be trying' to be comin', when one of the horses slips on a curve,
but the traces hold her up
like a beautiful horse about to describe
the great vehicle she'll conduct, when she comes.

And we'll all go out to meet her when the well is dry and cracked
and the water is too neutral to hold
even a chance encounter when we're tryin' to be comin'
and breathe too much or that's what I
heard when tryin' too hard to meet her, when she comes.

And we'll all have chicken and dumplings in a context
of the human shell, water in the trough,
the gopher holds, how hot leather is in the desert mining town
except to the horses,
when she comes."

from *Part Songs* by James Sherry
Roof Books, 1978