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Thursday, June 28

Breaking News: Rachel Maddow Live and In Person

When Toni and I, on vacation, were walking into town yesterday, Toni decided to pet a puppy walking by. The owner warned Toni that the little thing liked to bite, and in fact the puppy tried to go for Toni's pearl necklace. As we were leaving Toni noticed that this person looked a lot like Rachel Maddow. She, in fact, was Rachel Maddow, and we got to tell her we are major fans, watching and listening to her with great pleasure and admiration on tv on the Keith Olbermann show , the Tucker Carlson show and recently with Paula Zahn. Rachel, of course has a nightly show on Air America: Rachel Maddow on wikipedia She is just as friendly, warm and easy to talk to as she seems to be on radio and tv. She was with her girlfriend Susan and seemed a bit skeptical that she could, as Toni and I hoped she might. soon have a network tv show of her own. She did claim we made her day and she certainly made ours.

a kari edwards memorial was held at the Zinc bar on 6/25/07

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