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Wednesday, May 2

A Serbian in Chelsea

Toni and I introduced Serbian poet Dubrava Duric to Chelsea yesterday. Toni performed one of her incomparable Chelsea tours. No time now to write a long post but two shows you must not miss are:

Leonardo Drew Leonardo Drew lives in New York and before that in Tallahasse, Florida.

Tobias Putrih's *Macula series A & 1"*, which was the star of the under and 30 something artist's show at "PS 1's Greater New York 2005", is on view at Max Protetch, 511 W. 22cd Street. Dubravka was saying the her husband Misko, who is a literary theorist in Belgrade, liked to spend time with friends in Slovenia. As it happens, Putrih was born there, and his latest work is the Slovvenian offering for the 2007 Venice Biennale. The Putrih large, biomorphic shaped cardboard sculptures are eerily monumental while remaining light-porous and delicate