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Sunday, February 11

Today is fait accompli's 4th birthday.

Come celebrate the publication of *fait accompli* the book-
from Factory School's Heretical Texts
at Unnameable Books
456 Bergen Street
(off Flatbush Avenue)
Tuesday, February 27
at 8pm.
The book begins with our first post
on this date in 2003.


^Gary Sullivan, The Great Enabler*

Stan Apps posted a personal and passionate essay about Gary Sullivan's poetics-
"Gary’s poetics consists of decisively rejecting mysterious theatricality, and thereby creating an aesthetic of material accountability. The words in Flarf poems are materials that have been put there precisely so that a mysterious theatrical tone of all-knowingness from the beyond cannot develop. Instead, evidence of human foolishness and goofiness is there instead. The tone of Flarf poems is not really (or not only) a tone of willed outrageousness or silliness, as it may seem to be; the tone is a rejection of mysteriousness, and therefore an acceptance of words and phrases that can be accounted for as merely human..."

read the entire post right now on

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Digitalized Thought from Peter Ciccariello
[via the
Buffalo Poetics List]