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Sunday, February 18

Another fait accompli

Bill Marsh, editor of the Heretical Texts series- that now includes the book version of *fait accompli*- reviewed this blog in June of 2003. We tried to convince Bill to use this review as a preface to the book, but since Gary Sullivan had already kindly supplied an afterword it was clear this was far too much packaging for an Heretical Texts book. Below is a link to Bill Marsh's review on his blog San Diego Poetry Guild.

Bill and his wife Octavia Davis and their two children have now moved to Jackson Heights, Queens, although they then resided in Southern California. Bill, and soon Octavia, teach at St John's. He is working on a book about plagiarism. The Factory School design team that includes Joel Kuszai and Octavia Davis did a presentation at the Poetry Project last Monday.

Field Report #1 by Bill Marsh


Thanks to Ernesto Priego (Never Neutral) for the generous response to *fait accompli*