Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, December 19

Contradicta: A Fugue

1. Allegro Con Brio

There is nothing more dissonant with literary creation than a feeling of pure joy. To be experienced these feelings must settle a bit and then be ...marinated, like an assemblage of tasty spices, meats and potatoes.This shows that to be properly tasted a happy moment must be dressed and costumed. Happiness can be consumed only after it has begun to be forgotten, which then entitles it to be resurrected and recounted. So first, it is to be over (finished) stuffed, (mummified), dressed (exhibited).Only now it is eligible to be contemplated. Acordingly, the best representative of happiness is well dressed mannikin.

2. Largo assai

Enjoyment is an internal experience. For it to be recognized as such, it must be discussed. This discussion leads to at least partially dissecting the experience to examine its parts. Once the comparison comes the constituents are categorized.This is the equivalent of freezing portions of the dinner for later consumption. Now one can peacefully consider how the pleasure will be consummated later. To open the refrigerator is one of the contemplative's ideal glimpses of joy.

3. Coda: adagio

When something annoying happens it brings it its wake a miniature storm or tiny hurricane of emotion that momentarily distorts time. For a split second any expectable sequence appears unlikely to occur. In order for an annoyance to be realized one must want to refuse the action that was to follow. The life of an irritable or anxious hour consists of a sequnce of innumerable small tears or breaks in the unfolding of the fabric of being. Then the accompaniment of an irritating feeling of disappointment. Then a hesitation or a blank space offering a space for the possibility of a new motif, or a sustained time of contrapuntal memories.