Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, July 6

What Was That Again About a Blue Light?

There are certain blogs that, after a certain spell
of interest, I don't read
very often; nevertheless I keep returning
to them for counsel from time to time.
For me,
The Cassandra Pages {click here}
into this category. Coming across the link
recently, I noticed something about books
and blogging for writers, and then went
on to something else. But I came back
to read it again.
A Blogland Synchronicity

O.K., I'm exhausted and I've got to
go to sleep. But, maybe one
more peek at the site meter.
I see *Heathens in Heat*
in there: maybe there's something
new (now known as *Orpheus
In Boxers*).

I had spent an hour or so
thinking about teasing,
criticism, sarcasm, insults,
googling these terms, etc.
Then I came across this, posted
David Hess {click here}
As I've said before, in earnest:
if you don't listen to everything,
you don't hear anything.