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Thursday, July 28

Beautiful New Books

Vernon Frazer, *Improvisations*
Beneath The Underground, 2005
"Surface denial breeds lost ampersands.
Who understands the colon's fitful wedge?
Pursuant to undreamed rhetorics the flay.
Sidestep rhythm commands. Cease and."

Ernesto Priego *The Body Aches*
ExPress Doble, 2005
"One day our names
will be read at the entrance of buildings
unrecognizable shadows
of a somewhat somewhere"

Burt Kimmelman *Somehow*
Marsh Hawk Press, 2005
"I suppose letters to the dead are common.
We need to speak, even when there's no one there.
I think of the crazy juxtapositions, the people
and things you loved. Life's a mute grieving."

Kyle Schlesinger Thom Donovan *Mantle*
Atticus, 2005
"Last-back in time
Lash-of the "future past"
Held things rung-this ring
(Too familiar) of the present's/
Seminal knell"

Thom Donovan *Tears are These Veils*
images by Abby Walton
Wild Horses of Fire Press
"I mean bark, thick meaning of bark
The actual act of cutting bark
Shot and printed"

Stan Apps *Soft Hands*
Ugly Duckling Press, 2005
"Because they want a future/
Where there's room for everyone, to enjoy themselves
Among the graves. It's a rich white racism thing."

Recent and Stunning

Charles Bernstein *Shadowtime*
Green Integer, 2005
"You can do nothing worthwhile
until you discover your own imperatives
the commands that will make
the supreme demands on your life"

Jerome Sala *Look Slimmer Instantly!*
Soft Skull, 2005
"problem is:
since we rule the world
the only culture we have
is the air we breathe
you human fuckers"

Standard Schaefer *'Water and Power*
Agincourt, 2005
"who blames the excessive heat on this damn thirst
the word property evaporates from the dossier
the word slavery not even noted"

All Warren *Hounds*
Spring 2005
"Louise is alright, but so delicious
and mechanical are my offspring
I need not worry even a poet
could name it by name"

Paul Celan *Lightduress*
Green Integer, 2005
translated by Pierre Joris
"Webbing beween the words,/
their time-halo-"

Clayton Couch *Artificial Lure*
effing press, 2005
"poems cast and collapsed into one life's misgivings/
does anyone live long enough to forget the whole song?"

Brother Tom Murphy, *finish . your phrase.
first line index. 03*
cat press, 2005
"some neil young in the morning...
versions of life's worth"

Mike Kelleher, *To Be Sung*
Blaze Vox, 2005
"I'll fuck anything
that moves.
But everything
is still"

edited by Vincent Katz
*Vanitas 1: The State*
"Comes to an end. Disestablished path. *maybe baby*/
token analytic muse in the glove compartment"- Ann Lauterbach

edited by Douglas Messerli
*the PiP Anthology of World Poetry
Volume 5: Intersections: Innovative Poetry
of Southern California*
Green Integer, 2005
"fried brains and all, dumbfounded
in Los Angeles, where mosquitoes drowse
in noonday heat, bloodlust drained from
tropical eyes"- Wanda Coleman

Gary Sullivan *Japanese Notebook*
Elsewhere #1, 2005
"There are so many people, so many dreams"

edited by Jordan Davis
The Hat #6, 2005
"Not something you have. Not something you are. Not even a/
medium in which you swim. Then what"- Jonathan Mayhew

edited by Kyle Schlesinger, Sasha Steenson, Gordon Hatfield
Kiosk #4, 2005
"I must be anachronistic to be so silent
in the face of these empty signs"- Michael Davidson

Ann Lauterbach *Hum*
Penguin, 2005
"*Ladies and gentlemen, rock 'n roll.*"

Kimberly Lyons, *Saline*
Instance, 2005
"At night, with a fever, the smell is of my own tongue,
swollen and of a washrag."

[for Steve Evans]


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