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Monday, May 2

"30th November" (1938)
"I) There are two stages in writing a novel. The first
is as though a sheet of water were becoming opaque and
dark with mud; there is a violent movement, upheaval, foam;
then there is a calm, a period of quiescence; the quivering
water grows still, begins to clear and suddenly is transparent
again. The depths and the sky reflected in them are

The novel comes into existence quietly, during this
elimination of all motion and every impurity. Remember:
it happened quietly.

II) So a novel is born; the agitated water trembles,
grows clear and then is still. There are two stages: I)
cloudy and disturbed, II) Calm and serene."

Cesare Pavese
*The Burning Brand*
Walker and Company, 1961
p. 138