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Sunday, April 24

Put Another Nickel In

"In the nickelodeon
all I want is lovin' you
and music, music, music"

Matthew Shindell has created a most
unusual poetry show and it was
a blast to read on it. In between
each of my audioblog sets
he interpolated and interwove
some terrific songs, creating
an interesting emotional texture.
The playlist is already
available on

My Vocabulary {click here}

Be sure to stay tuned
for updates on coming

By the way, while he was listening
to the My Vocabulary show,
Brother Tom Murphy blogged
it, including a link
to my poem *Silenced*!
Check it out, and thanks Tom!

This Journal Blug {click here}

For those of you who missed the
show, hopefully I'll have the
links or mp3's available
on a site for you to listen to soon.

For now, as we say here in blogland,
it's a fait accompli.

....Ron's complete reading,
portions of which were broadcast today
on *My Vocabulary* is available
on his PennSound site at

Silliman on PennSound {click here}